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Six Week Introduction

Six Week Introduction

Ages 4+

We are pleased to offer a 6 week introductory course for new students of all ages looking to kick off what will hopefully be a long musical journey. At $150.00, the six week introductory course includes 6 lessons (private or group), complimentary method book, and a complimentary instrument for home use. This works out great for students who are in need of an instrument. Instead of purchasing an instrument for yourself or child, unknowing what your long term intentions are, we will provide you with a keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric or bass guitar with amp, or violin. We will even come by your house and set up a full 5 piece drum kit for you to use for the six weeks at no additional charge. Once you have completed the six weeks, we will meet with you for an evaluation to discuss your plans for continuing your musical journey.

If everything is progressing well, the lessons will continue on a week to week basis. The lesson rate will remain at $25.00 weekly. At this time, if you are in need of an instrument, we do have instruments (new and used) available for both lease and sale. The leasing route has been popular for parents who are still uncertain of the long term intentions of their child. You would be making monthly payments of $15/month and up (depending on the value of the instrument you decide to lease), and building up a credit towards the future purchase of an instrument. If after 6 months, you wish to purchase an instrument, and you have a $150 credit built up from leasing, this money can be used towards the purchase of the instrument you have, or another instrument all together.

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Camp Duration: 6 Weeks

Camp Cost: $150.00 for 6 weeks and $25.00 weekly

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