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What do lessons cost?

At the Niagara Conservatory of Music, lessons are $22.50 per half hour private or one hour group lesson on a weekly basis.  There are no registration fees.

How young do you take students?

That depends on the instrument. We start them as young as 4 on the piano.  6 years and up is recommended if interested in another instrument.

I only have a keyboard, is this okay?

It is just fine for beginning piano students to start off on a keyboard.  You are limited to playing on a certain number of keys for the first few levels, and dynamics and the use of a pedal are not introduced right away.  Your teacher will let you know when it is time to upgrade your instrument, or you can come for an evaluation with our music counsellor to go over your options.

As a beginner, should I be using an electric or acoustic guitar?

The acoustic and electric guitars have many similarities. Electric guitars are generally much easier to play than acoustic guitars. The strings are lighter, and easier to press down. The sore fingers that many beginners experience when learning on an acoustic guitar are generally not as much of an issue when learning on an electric guitar.  Which is better? The one you desire to play would be the better one for you!

Private or Group? I was thinking about group lessons. Do you recommend this?

Yes!  You are in a class with others your age, the social aspect is great, and children really tend to motivate one another.  In a classroom setting, you learn to listen to the playing of others, adjust to different tempos, which helps build a strong sense of rhythm.  As a musician, you will encounter many opportunities to play with other musicians, as a duet, an ensemble, or in a band.  Having played with others gives you the comfort and the ability you need to thrive in a group environment.  Students in group classes do have the full hour, so there is plenty of time to ensure optimal progress with your lessons.  We strongly encourage the group environment, however, if you choose to go the group route, and you find it's not for you, you are not limited to staying in the group.  We can certainly accommodate a private half hour lesson for you.  If you choose to start with a private lesson, and are showing interest in group classes down the road, we can certainly accommodate a group at your age and level.  

I am an adult and have never played an instrument. Is it too late for music lessons?

Many seniors, now that they are retired, find they now have the time to learn to play a musical instrument. We are finding more and more adults enrolling everyday. Whether it is for relaxation, personal enjoyment, to take lessons alongside their child, or for a specific purpose, learning an instrument is a rewarding experience for students of all ages.  It is never too late to learn!

Can two students' lessons be scheduled at the same time?

Of course!  This way you can make one trip per week, and have the two lessons happen at the same time with two different teachers, or one after another with the same teacher.

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