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Private vs. Group Lessons - Which Is Better For YOU?

Here at The Niagara Conservatory of Music we offer both private and group lessons. For group lessons, students are placed in a class based on their age and level. Lessons are conducted on a weekly basis at the same time and with the same instructor each week here at the Conservatory. Group lessons are one hour in length, class sizes are 3 to 5 students, and all students are provided with their own instrument in the classroom. Private lessons are 30 minutes in length, again same time, and same instructor every week. Upon enrollment in a program will be developed specifically for your needs and interest. The studio also offers a waiting room for parents to use while their child is having their lesson.

The Niagara Conservatory of Music offers musical instruction in the following:

  • Piano
  • Guitar (electric/acoustic/bass)
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Voice / Singing
  • Theory
  • Combo (band performance)

When you are in a class with others your age, the social aspect is great, and children really tend to motivate one another.  In a classroom setting, you learn to listen to the playing of others, adjust to different tempos, which helps build a strong sense of rhythm.  As a musician, you will encounter many opportunities to play with other musicians, as a duet, an ensemble, or in a band.  Having played with others gives you the comfort and the ability you need to thrive in a group environment.  Students in group classes do have the full hour, so there is plenty of time to ensure optimal progress with your lessons.  We strongly encourage the group environment; however, if you choose to go the group route, and you find it's not for you, you are not limited to staying in the group.  We can certainly accommodate a private half hour lesson for you.  If you choose to start with a private lesson, and are showing interest in group classes down the road, we can certainly accommodate a group at your age and level. 


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