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Improve Your Mental Health with Music

Improve Your Mental Health with Music

It’s no secret that music can have a profound effect on mood. Whether it’s hearing a song that rouses fond memories or listening to a new pump-up track during a workout, music can make you feel happy, motivated or grateful—if only for a few minutes

And as if we didn’t love music enough already, listening to, or playing music can improve cognitive function and reduced stress and anxiety. And while music is not recognized as treatment for anxiety or depression disorders, the results of many research studies have noted that there is a connection between music and overall well-being. In addition to reducing stress, anxiety, depression and improving mood, taking music lessons from an early age, and even into adulthood, can help individuals develop fine motor skills, reduce anxiety and improve memory, too.

Our team firmly believes that regular music lessons can provide children with a life-long love of music and a solid foundation for good mental health and physical well-being.  

The Connection Between Music and Mental Health. 

So, how exactly does music reduce stress and anxiety? Well, that starts with the brain! Upon hearing music, your brain will automatically activate specific cells that help interpret and organize aural information. But that’s not all: An article published by Healthline reported that the dopamine, cortisol, serotonin, and oxytocin levels in the brain may also respond to music. In fact, one study found that “playing the piano was significantly more effective at lowering stress”, cortisol and anxiety levels when compared to calligraphy and clay molding. While there is not enough evidence to suggest that music lessons can treat depression and anxiety on its own, this apparent connection between music and relaxation suggests that, over time, music lessons can assist children in not only improving their musical abilities, but also regulating their emotions.

This means that incorporating music lessons into your child’s routine can teach them how to cope with stress in a healthy and pleasurable manner, which will positively impact both mental and physical health over time. Playing an instrument like the guitar, piano, violin or flute, challenges children to recognize new patterns and notes, and memorize musical sequences, and can improves not only their ability to understand musical theory, but also their “sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.” A music class provides children with the opportunity to take pleasure in the moment, engage with their peers, and act as a productive and rewarding outlet for personal expression.

And the benefit of music lessons extends beyond stress reduction and cognition! Here are just a few ways that playing and enjoying music can help children care for their mental health:

1.Confidence: Whether they’ve mastered a new chord on guitar or have passed their latest piano exam, each new musical skill will provide children with a boost of confidence and pride. Your child’s accomplishments will give them the independence they need to take on new challenges and get out of their comfort zone.

2.Social Skills: Music lessons will place your child in new situations with new people. Spending time around other children and teachers who come from new backgrounds will teach children to not only be active listeners, but also to be a part of a supportive atmosphere. They will learn to value the connections that they make with their fellow students.  

3.Support from Our Instructors: Niagara Conservatory of Music is a community. Children can find sanctuary in the pleasure of music and focus on honing their craft in an environment that is supportive, encouraging and committed to their personal growth.

4.Determination: The desire to get better and to finally play that song or master that instrument will help children develop strong perseverance. They will be given the tools they need to overcome self-doubt and fear of failure—and have fun doing it!

Make Niagara Conservatory of Music Part of Your Balanced Lifestyle!

The Niagara Conservatory of Music has provided its students with supportive, progressive instruction for over 30 years. Our programs and services are designed to not only enhance musical ability but also give children a strong connection to their emotions, a sense of pride in their work and an appreciation for the gift that is music. Help your child discover the joy of music by booking a music lesson now!




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