Choir Club in St. CatharinesFrequently Asked Questions

Glee Clubs:

The Niagara Conservatory of Music Glee clubs will have you singing and dancing together to popular songs, led by Mrs. Belet, Miss Charlton, and Miss Nolan. We encourage freedom of expression, confidence, and self-esteem in a safe, non-intimidating environment. Join us as we spread our love of music around the community! Glee Clubs will be competing at FunFest 2016 to be held at the White Oaks Conference Resort (253 Taylor Rd., NOTL) on Sunday July 17, against other glee groups and vocal ensembles from across southern Ontario. Our glee groups will also have the opportunity to perform their songs at Polonia Park (765 York Road, NOTL) on Saturday August 13th for our Music Gives outdoor fundraising concert.

Junior and Senior Glee clubs will be starting the week of May 8, 2016. Sign up today for the 10 week course for $160.00 which will include the $55 entry fee into FunFest 2016 and allow you to participate in two other categories! If you choose to participate in our chocolate bar fundraiser, then sell 2 cases of chocolate covered almonds and your entry fee into FunFest will be covered and your fee for the 10 week glee club course is only $105.00.

Junior Glee Club will be practicing on
Saturdays from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Senior Glee Club will be practicing on