Ontario Music Teachers Guild

The Niagara Conservatory of Music is a member of the Ontario Music Teachers Guild, which is a nonprofit association that exists to promote teaching pedagogy and qualifications within the music studio environment. Select studios across Southern Ontario are members, who together run quality exams and festivals to encourage the performance of music. Here is a list of the other music schools that are members of the OMTG. These affiliated schools hold themselves to the highest standards in music education. Visit http://www.ontariomusicteachersguild.com for more information.


Ontario Academy of Music – Milton

(905) 878-7090


Ontario Academy of Music – Brampton

(905) 457-3355


Ontario Academy of Music – Downsview

(416) 247-2910


Ontario Academy of Music – Oakville

(905) 845-1227

Ontario Academy of Music – Georgetown

(905) 877-2770